People are like snakes. So I don’t undestand them. And sometimes they bite. …yes I do

Poets are like fields, some days we bloom all at once.

Does it Rhythm?

Do you jest or gibe that at your behest we ingest the duress of iambic distress? – It’s like breathing, … More

Two tong

She was round and she was heavy and she was never going to escape And hundreds of thousands of lives … More

It was you, who threw sticks and slung stones  You, concerned now? At the sight of bones?

I stomp around the corridors of my mind. I yell. I bang pots and pans. I was here first! The … More

No Man’s land but Mine

A struggle for all, or a struggle for none! Propriety was never my style. Derisive division, have You made a decision? … More

Miss Lucy had some sea shells And a steam boat by the shore and when she lost the bottom It … More

It’s not the yellows of September  which color me or the blue coattails of a rusty dusk but that the … More

Here, a life lesson Don’t take boys out to dinner Mom doesn’t like you

End Note

For what it’s worth – Your love won’t last Flowers are contexual Let me know if you want to get … More

The last few petals of the flower plucked by an unquestioning hand

This is Related

This is related. This is unrelated. This is a banana. What category does banana fit into? Unrelated.


“Will you be mine Dear Will you be mine?” Sexual facade. The inception of life can be essentially worthless – … More


Promises: the credit line of the heart to lean to take out a loan revision, digression Picking penny pieces off … More