Annnnnnnnd yoga

I have a stalker. I don’t want a stalker. I want my ex boyfriend. I have set a bad example. … More


I think the simulator’s broken. My broken heart keeps manifesting as a 5” 1′ Jewish girl.

Two tong

She was round and she was heavy and she was never going to escape And hundreds of thousands of lives … More

Third Person

“Do you even third person bro?,” They said. “Ustedes.”

Another notebook

“Please come late, so that I have almost given up and have started glancing around the room, thinking everyone is … More

I would say I will suffer a fool no longer but I’d have to die.

I think therefore I am, I screw Therefore we are.


All the men in my family are threatened by strong women except for my uncle, who was probably too busy … More

I think you, and I am bound somewhere I think “you.”, and I abound.

No Man’s land but Mine

A struggle for all, or a struggle for none! Propriety was never my style. Derisive division, have You made a decision? … More

It took eight months, but as of 4 am I no longer take my break up personally.   Oh thank … More

It’s not the yellows of September  which color me or the blue coattails of a rusty dusk but that the … More

Here, a life lesson Don’t take boys out to dinner Mom doesn’t like you

End Note

For what it’s worth – Your love won’t last Flowers are contexual Let me know if you want to get … More

I’ve got a heart on the right side babe. No I’m kidding it’s on the left.

On why I don’t believe in sleeping with people in closed relationships: Someone has loved them enough to say, “You. … More

This is a Sign

Signs that You’re Probably Not over Your Ex You’ve cried about it recently You wake up dressed in a Kimono There’s … More


“Will you be mine Dear Will you be mine?” Sexual facade. The inception of life can be essentially worthless – … More

I’m pansexual. No it doesn’t mean I’m attracted to pans. Okay maybe a little.

“That’s not a real gender.” “You’re not a real gender.”

A Street Car named Desire

My stance on bathing: “Two baths a day isn’t excessive is it?” to “Bathing isn’t a problem until someone talks … More