Body: I don’t want to drink, or eat, or sleep. Let’s lay still for hours. Are you trying to kill … More

Has anyone ever been so depressed that they’d buy Hamilton Tickets (yes plural) and not go, or is it just … More

*takes anti-anxiety meds* *Time* *Starts crying* Sigh. Right. This is how this works.


Saw Neil Gaiman tonight! Cried on the train. I am on the train. Two notes. Neil Gaiman says “Write to … More

Common sense doesn’t have a lot to say when love is in the room – just things like “Get out!” … More

Depression: What’s wrong? How pathetic you are? 

Me: What would make, I, -full name- feel better Self: Draw angry faces on your toes. Me: 

Me: I can’t tell if I’m under or overstimulated Self: Do push ups Me: This is why we have problems

I’ll be the one in the green hoodie in the closet. 

Miss Lucy had some sea shells And a steam boat by the shore and when she lost the bottom It … More

People would beat my ass if they found out how I was living. In a very small room with a bed … More

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