I love the impossible, with stupid reckless abandon. I love running at it screaming “YOU’RE IMPOSSIBLE,” trying to push it … More

I would say I will suffer a fool no longer but I’d have to die.

To be clear we’ve elected Zaphod Beeblebrox’s evil twin.

If you’re me you probably spend a lot of time worrying and feeling depressed and anxious. But hey at least you will … More

Me: Since I hate myself, might as well start doing insanity again.

You know your anti depressants may not be working when: You refuse to let yourself listen to Sarah Mclachlan  on … More

How do you spell hffffffffffffycydtc jfdtffjjjjfrhdtsington?

Literally anything: Here’s some advice

A Street Car named Desire

My stance on bathing: “Two baths a day isn’t excessive is it?” to “Bathing isn’t a problem until someone talks … More


I’ve cut my hair twice with scissors. Once when I was five, and once when I was twenty three. The … More