Kiss People in Trees but do not Wait for them There

So I like to hang out on roofs. And trees. This is probably how I should introduce myself – because one time I besotted with my best friend and I had forgot to mention this. We were theater buddies, which is rife with drama, and they had been avoiding me, which was of special concern to me since I was inlove with them. Which, come to think of it, was probably why they were avoiding me.

So anyway, I called best friend theater buddy bullshit that, and decided that I was going to meet them in the morning with coffee and be like “WTF dude?” I had had that exact same emergency driver job the semester before, so I felt comfortable doing this. And I knew morning were rough, so why not make my angry indignation into a nice gesture. Nope. No. Not how that works.

So I got up, it may have been a weekend. Grabbed the coffee, and shimmied my butt out there to call bullshit. Except in a nice way. Totally not inlove with you.

And I was early and he was late. And it was a little cold. And I was bored. So I climbed a tree.

So they found me scrambling down from a tree excited to see them.


Hindsight’s a bitch.


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