Seven Things which are Absolute Bullshit


1. Withholding love to control a partner.

2. You wouldn’t use food as a bargaining chip. Especially if you’re campaigning to be the only grocery in town. So don’t do it with sex.


3. Reliance on dishonesty or omission. How is regularly flossing like telling the truth?  You don’t feel bad when someone asks you to do it.

golden silk orbweaver a spider so large it can prey on birds and snakes.
Spiders and snakes, spiders and snakes. Coming to get you, spiders and snakes.


4. Forcing a person to talk about a recent trauma. No. Wrong.

5. Confusing physical distance with emotional distance.

6. I’m looking at you Bystander effect. Just kidding I’m looking at you.

  1. Less “This is what’s wrong with-” more “If this was a problem this is how I would solve it.”

Bonus bullshit: Inaction unrecognized as inactivity. (Action is not the only form of choice)


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