“Will you be mine
Will you be mine?”

Sexual facade. The inception of life can be essentially worthless – A hundred years ago we couldn’t tell the difference between cum and snot,
I’m not saying that I’m lonely, I’m asking questions
I am becoming the person I wouldn’t have had the courage to become before. Do you understand? Our distance was meant to spare you from watching what I became next. You know me too well to see me like that.


Fact: One person, Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, could tell the difference between sperm and snot roughly four hundred years ago.

What the title means: It is an ambitious message meant to reflect the questions I’m asking myself, my reaction, and the situation. Rereading in the suggested order helps give the poem it’s full intended meaning. It is a conclusion which can only essentially come from reading the poem frontwards, backwards, (1st, 2nd, 3rd…) and frontwards again; a little joke since I’m dyslexic.

So it goes; Look how disgusting and ignorant sex can be. This is not asked in desperation. I’m using you as a catalyst for change. That’s a positive. I’m hiding that I’m still as madly in love with you as ever. I’m distracting us with pain from pain. Will you be mine, dear, will you be mine again?

The third time it reads:

Again? I’m alone again? I’m repeating my mistakes again? I’m facing the same dilemmas of choice again? There’s sex, and contagious lack of empathy again? I am still trying to act in your best interests even though, and because I love you again?

Ps. Starting now

Ps. Ps. This is also ambiguous because it could either mean “I can say I love you because I’m turning over a new leaf,” or as previously mentioned in another post “Am I Creepy Yet,” the ongoing joke was “ps I’m creepy starting now.”)

(Real title: ‘Seeing things from my perspective, again’ or ‘In Three’s?’ Edit: Three’s
Editedit: This is what happens when I try to write a straight forward poem)


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